BJP's 16th Edition of Ghamandiya Files
BJP's 16th Edition of Ghamandiya Files

New Delhi : The latest installment, the 16th episode of the ‘Ghamandiya Files’ released by the BJP, is a scathing accusation against the Congress. It accuses the opposition coalition of nurturing corruption as a hallmark, alleging that corruption has become an inheritance for the generations within the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Corruption Allegations in Congress Heritage

The video, spanning 9 minutes and 23 seconds, highlights a lineage of corruption within the Congress. It explicitly references alleged scams during Indira Gandhi’s tenure, suggesting a deliberate misuse of power for personal gain. The Maruti scandal of 1974, during Indira Gandhi’s governance, stands out prominently, accusing her of flouting regulations for personal benefit. Furthermore, the appointment of Sonia Gandhi as Managing Director of Maruti Technical Services Limited is underscored, questioning her qualifications for the role and hinting at preferential treatment facilitated by the government.

Click here to watch the full episode – : BJP’s 16th Edition of Ghamandiya Files

Nexus of Corruption and Political Maneuvering

The BJP’s exposé delves into how the government under Indira Gandhi provided numerous exemptions, including tax benefits, funds, and land provisions, to Maruti without yielding any productive output. It further alleges that the government’s finances were plundered in favor of Maruti, epitomizing a series of corrupt practices.

” Explore the 16th episode of BJP’s Ghamandiya Files, revealing a lineage of corruption within the Congress party. Delve into alleged scams, nepotism, and misuse of power, as the BJP unveils a narrative questioning the ethical standing of the Nehru-Gandhi family. “


Dark Ages: Emergency and Post-Emergency Exploits

Post the Maruti scandal, the imposition of the Emergency by Indira Gandhi is highlighted as a stark moment in history when democratic rights were suppressed and the constitutional privileges of the people were curtailed. Following the Emergency period, the return of Indira Gandhi to power marked a resurgence of corrupt activities, continuing the cycle of exploitation.

Continuing the Legacy: Targeting Subsequent Administrations

The BJP extends its accusations not only to Indira Gandhi’s regime but also implicates Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure, citing the Bofors scandal. Moreover, it doesn’t spare the PV Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh-led UPA governments, alleging various corrupt incidents during their rule.


The ‘Ghamandiya Files’ episode 16 by the BJP points fingers at the Congress party and the Gandhi family, asserting a legacy entrenched in corruption. This relentless exposé attempts to spotlight a pattern of nepotism, misuse of power, and financial irregularities plaguing the political lineage.

Through this detailed account, the BJP underscores its commitment to transparency and accountability while aiming to cast a shadow on the ethical standing of its political adversaries.

(Note: This article is based on recent statements and claims by the BJP and does not represent confirmed or independently verified information.)


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