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Monday, April 19th, 2021

Decision to form separate committee to manage Sikh affairs not in ambit of Haryana government : Sukhbir Badal

INVC,Chandigarh,Shiromani Akali Dal ,SAD, president Sukhbir Singh Badal,Sikh affairs in Haryana,chief minister B S HoodaINVC, Chandigarh,
Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) president Sukhbir Singh Badal today described the announcement for formation of a separate committee to manage Sikh affairs in Haryana by its chief minister B S Hooda as the last gambit by a drowning man who would soon be consigned to the dust bin of history. In a statement here, the SAD president said the Haryana government could not form a separate committee and that it was unfortunate that Mr Hooda had gone in for cheap theatrics by making this announcement at Kaithal today. He also made it clear that the real face behind the conspiracy to divide and weaken the Sikh community was not Mr Hooda but Congress president Sonia Gandhi. “All others are just being used by pawns”, the SAD president said adding it was Mrs Sonia Gandhi who had authored this move. “It is unfortunate and condemnable that the Gandhi family led by Mrs Sonia Gandhi is unable to let go of its visceral hatred towards the Sikh community despite the fact that it is the Sikh community which has been victimized at their hands”, he added. Mr Badal however reminded the Congress President that things had changed. "The Sikh community will never tolerate this interference in its religious affairs and this conspiracy to divide the Sikh community will never succeed", he said. Speaking about today's events in Kaithal where this announcement was made, the SAD president said it was shameful that the Congress party had tried to give a cloak of legitimacy to the move by engineering support for the move and parading failed and discredited Sikh leaders. “It is also extremely unfortunate that Sikh leaders have stooped to becoming stooges of Mrs Sonia Gandhi and trying to create a wedge in their own community”. He said both Pradesh Congress president Partap Singh Bajwa and former Delhi sikh management committed president Paramjit Singh Sarna have proved themselves to be modern day ‘Mir Jaffars’ who were hell bent on destroying their own community. “Mr Bajwa has been forced to become part of the conspiracy because he has become a political nonity having lost the last Lok Sabha elections and now is completely dependent on the Gandhi family for his survival. Mr Sarna is the same man who does not believe in the Akal Takth and was rejected by the Sikhs of Delhi after it was revealed that he was a Congress agent. The SAD president also assured the Sikhs at large that the party would not allow this conspiracy to divide and weaken the community to succeed. "We will fight it to the very end and emerge victorious”, he added.



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