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Monday, September 27th, 2021

New job opportunities and the high level basic facilities - An Addresses By Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh

INVC NEWS New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh Government is firm to speed up the industrial development and encourage investment by the effort of the organize action, new job opportunities will be created and the investors will get high level basic facilities that will give an impetus to the industrial development.

Shri Rajive Kumar has expressed his thought in a seminar organised by PHD Chambers at hotel Sangri La in New Delhi.

Rajive Kumar said that administration has started new industrial investment and promotional policy and it is getting very good response from the inverstors.

Shri Rajive Kumar said that in order to promote tourism and industrial development in the state, Work of two new International Airport projects is on progress, it will give good result in future and Uttar Pradesh will be much benefitted by Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridors projects of Indian Government. Chief Secretary said that Noida is transforming to become I.T hub of the country. He also added that to promote the start up culture in I.T sector various incentives will be given to incubators and seed fund will be created for their promotion.

"To speed up the industrial development a board has been formed under the Chairmanship of the Chief Minister." he said.

He further said that Uttar Pradesh ranked first in Potato, sugar cane, livestock and Milk products. He further added that with the population of Two million and improving per capita income Uttar Pradesh offers the largest market for consumption of food product. He also said that Uttar Pradesh is providing the most preferred destination for investment and provide the investor-friendly business environment made by transparency and speedy decision-making so that doing business in Uttar Pradesh will be a matter of advantage.

He also added that to provide safe and secure industrial environment in the state, dedicated police force headed by specialize officers will be posted in the industrial region like-Noida and also skill development centers will be established in the major industrial areas with special focus on harnessing the social capital in rural areas.

He said that nearly 60 percent of the population of Uttar Pradesh is of working class. Uttar Pradesh is also amongst the top manufacturing destination in India contributing more than 8 percent of national manufacturing output. To produce educated workforce Uttar Pradesh has reputed institutions and famous universities like- Allahabad University, Aligarh Muslim University, Banaras Hindu University, I.I.T kanpur etc. He further added that with opportunities in virtually every facets of today's economy the state of Uttar Pradesh is a very table treasure trove for new growth.



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