Dates are the perfect choice to break your Roza this Ramadan Season

Let’s make this Ramadan special by savouring the flavours of Apis Dates.

New Delhi ,

An integral part of the Ramadan tradition, the delightful dates hold immense spiritual significance. The history of dates is dated centuries ago. What started as a strong belief has now become an irreplaceable tradition for the pious Ramadan celebration. Breaking Ramadan fasts with ripe dates is being considered auspicious since time immemorial. Dates also have a long history in the middle East. The hot, arid climate provides ideal conditions for date palms to thrive. No doubt that the delectable flavours of Arabian dates continue to delight food lovers across the globe.

Apis Arabian Pearl Fard dates are deep dark brown, with a tender skin and sweet flavor. Fard Dates are one of the popular & most consumed dates in India. Grown mainly in the eastern region, Fard dates are characterized by a unique natural, glossy, waxy layer covering its smooth surface that reduces its sweetness and gives it a stronger structure.

The nutrient-rich Dates come extremely beneficial during Ramadan. The vitamin content can help enhance low energies in the body that can be caused due to long hours of fasting. Dates are excellent sources of fiber and carbohydrates and are rich in potassium and magnesium. Breaking fasts after a long day can even upset the stomach or cause troubles in digestion at times and Dates can prevent such discomfort and ensure healthy fasting for you during the pious Ramadan month.

The brand also launched a campaign last year #SehatKaSaath which was not just aimed at eating healthy but also highlighted how the smallest of gestures can bring people together. Considering, how well it was received by a great number of social media influencers and a few known faces from Bollywood, the brand will be promoting the campaign this year as well.


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