Shahzad Akhtar 

New Delhi. In order to make the danger mark printed on the tobacco products more influencive, a self-service organisation working against tobacco will put pressure to the Central Government so that the death rate caused due to tobacco could be bring down.  

A workshop was organised by Sekhsatia Institute for Public Health to reduce the graph of dangerous diseases caused due to consumption of tobacco products. The NGOs working against tobacco were seen convinced to the need of making the danger sign on tobacco products more influencive as the people do still not understand its harmfulness. This is the key reason there is a noted increment in the consumption of tobacco products in the country. The situation has gone so worse that there has been an increment of 30% in tobacco consumption even after the printing of the danger sign in the tobacco products. And due to this India has become the largest consumer of tobacco products after China and a stunning figure of 80 lakh annually and 22,000 people daily are dying due to frequent tobacco consumption.


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