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Saturday, December 4th, 2021

Dance or Art always help to be disciplined

Art as Mindspa a talk show about the "Importance of Art" organised by Kreative Minds

New Delhi,

Kreative Minds recently organised the talk on Art as Mindspa.In this talk show four panellist were present during the talk show ,Ms. Amrita Tiwary Founder of Kreative Minds, Mrs. Vandana Kashyap, Art Enthusiast and Homemaker, Mrs. Ishita Sen Mahato, Classical Vocalist and Mrs. Dipali Chackravarty, Kathak and Bharatanatyam Dancer on 25th June 2021 at 6:30 pm.The main aim of the talk show is focussing on: Stress Management, Mental Health Balance, Art (all and any art form) helping in creating a focus and concentration in today's kids’ life. In this talk show we have discussed how any kind of Art form can be dance, Music and Paintings can relax your minds. In this pandemic time we are complete locked ourselves in room, We spend our 24 hours in laptop, Children are spending more time in laptop and phones, so day by day our minds become so stressful, So through this talk show we have discussed about different forms of Art who helps us to overcome stress, Mental Health Balance and more focus and concentration.

Artist Amrita Tiwary started the talk show and welcome all the panellist .Amrita shared that art is a passion for her, after doing a job in corporate field ,she started Kreative Minds in the year 2016,Art helped many people in many ways, Amrita Tiwary said When a person so much stressed out after the work, So I have seen most of the people love to listen music it can be classical music, An instrument or any old Bollywood music, But it relax your mind same with dance, If we watch or listen any dance form, So the sound of the music and rhythm relax our mind, Same with the Fine Art ,If you are so much stresses out and Frustration. Art is always help many to divert their mind and give them a mental peace, Art always helps us to maintain our mental health

Also nowadays art is not a hobby anymore, you can establish your career in Art, like you can become a graphic designer, and you can go to animation, Fashion designing, Art teacher etc. so many are there for career prospects.

Isita Sen Mohato Musician and teacher was a 2nd panellist who discuss about Nowadays music is not a hobby or subject but it’s a support system, It a survival ,life skill, Why we feel music is so important for relaxing our mind, its soothes our mind like we are saying Art is Mind spa ,There are two type of sound one is Nadd and another one is Noise ,Nadd is a soothing sound ,It can be Chirping of Birds, Sound from thundering ,it always relax your mind. She also adds Art is so powerful where you can make your career, You can earn well for your own livelihood, Art always gives you respect ,if you do it by your passion, I believe if you do anything by your passion ,you can do it 5times better. The Third panellist was Mrs. Vandana Kashyap, Art Enthusiast and Homemaker She said there is no age to learn any new thing or hobby, There are is no age to follow your passion, She learning art in her late 40’s, But she feels she is enjoying this things a lot, and for her any kind of art it can be painting, dance or music it is always relax the minds. The final panellist of the talk show was Mrs. Dipali Chackravarty, Kathak and Bharatanatyam Dancer said Dance or Art always help to be disciplined ,relax your mind, for me Art is cooking ,So I can enjoying my cooking while listening a music or any classical dance form ,she end her views by saying art gives you positivity and strength and good vibes.



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