Know how cyber thugs can empty your account

If after opening a bank account someone is asking you to send passbook check atm through courier, then this news is for you. People opening your bank account can be cyber swindlers. The police of UP’s Shahjahanpur has arrested five vicious thugs of such inter-state cyber gang. Police have recovered 10 ATMs, passbooks, mobiles, fake Aadhar cards from the thugs. It is being told that they have cheated about one crore from the accounts of many customers of the state. The strings of these thugs living in Bihar are spread all over the state, due to which the police is looking for other members of the gang of these thugs.

This is not an ordinary swindler, but it is that vicious swindler, who can also withdraw money from your accounts and you will not even know. These gangs did not ask for their PIN number, neither OTP nor any other information of the bank from the bank customer. They used to open people’s accounts and keep their ATM passbook and check book with them. The shocking thing is that these thugs used to get the mobile SIM through fake Aadhar card and withdraw lakhs of rupees by entering the code through their mobile. Police have arrested Neeraj Gautam, Sachin Pawan Balister and Rajesh, residents of Bihar and Lakhimpur. Police have recovered 10 ATMs, passbooks, check books from these thugs. About 40 bank account details and fake Aadhar cards have been recovered, from which transactions worth 1 crore have been cheated so far.

Police said that cyber thugs used to open the accounts of gullible people and keep their passbook with the ATM check book. So far, these thugs have done one crore transactions with the money in those accounts. The entire gang used to dodge the police by withdrawing 20 to 25 thousand rupees daily through ATMs. Other members of this gang have spread their net in many districts of the state. The police has got information that other members of this gang are secretly doing thugs, due to which the police is looking for other members through these thugs. PLC/GT


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