Cyber thugs first put money in your account then rob people like this : If you also make digital payments for doing transactions, then you need to be cautious. Cyber thugs have now found a new way to empty the account of UPI payment users.

You will be surprised to know that within 16 days in Mumbai, Rs 1 crore has been withdrawn from the accounts of 81 people through this new method of cheating. Fraudsters are cheating people on the pretext of sending money. UPI Payments is the most widely used payment gateway for online payments in India today.

Along with the popularity of UPI, online frauds are also on the rise.
As per reports, cyber thugs first transfer money to UPI users. Then they call the user and tell that money has been transferred to his account by mistake. They request to send the money back to them. Coming to his words, if a person sends money to the caller’s number,

Then thugs hack his account and steal money from that account. Basically, if the victim pays money using the UPI app, then the malware software affects the user’s device. Due to which the scammers get access to their entire data including bank and KYC details like PAN and Aadhaar. With this information, the fraudsters hack the users’ bank accounts and withdraw money.

81 cases of UPI fraud have been reported in Mumbai. According to the complaints filed by the victims of this scam with the police, the scammers are sending money to people on their UPI apps like Google Pay.

Then by contacting them through call or message, they are saying that this transaction has been done by mistake. Then the unknown caller requests people to send money back to their number. As soon as someone sends money back, then after some time money starts coming out of his account.


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