Cyber Attack Targets Microsoft Services, Anonymous Sudan Claims Responsibility


Boston : Stay informed about the cyber attack on Microsoft services and the involvement of Anonymous Sudan. Find out more about the impact on customers, the absence of data breaches, and the steps taken to address the situation.

A hacker group has claimed responsibility for disrupting Microsoft’s services. The Outlook email and OneDrive file-sharing apps included in Microsoft’s Office suite, as well as several services associated with the company’s cloud computing platform, experienced sporadic but serious outages in early June.

A hacker group has claimed responsibility for an attack on services linked to Microsoft, claiming it diverted “junk traffic” to several of the company’s sites, affecting their services. While the software company provided some details in this regard, it did not immediately comment on the fact that how many of its customers were affected and the global impact.

A company spokesperson confirmed that the hacker group Anonymous Sudan was behind the attacks, which claimed responsibility on its Telegram account at the time. Some security experts believe that this group has links with Russia.

Microsoft gave information about this matter in a ‘blog post’. The company said that the attacks ‘temporarily affected some services’. The aim of the attackers was ‘only to disturb the work of the company and to come into limelight’. They probably hired ‘cloud infrastructure’ and ‘virtual private network VPNs’ to attack various Microsoft servers from so-called ‘botnets’ of ‘zombie computers’ around the world. However, Microsoft said that there is no evidence of any customer data breach or privacy being affected by this cyber attack, yet the company will look into it.


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