Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said that only his party works for the betterment of poor and middle class families. In a tweet, Rahul compared the prices of domestic cylinders.

He pointed out that in 2014, the cost of LPG cylinder was Rs 410 with a subsidy of Rs 827 in the Congress-led government, while in 2022 the BJP-led government cost it more than Rs 999 and the ‘subsidy’ is also ‘nil’. It is worth noting that on Saturday, the price of LPG increased by Rs 50 per cylinder, which is the second increase in prices in more than six weeks.

The former Congress president said, ‘The cost of one cylinder today is equal to the cost of two cylinders then. Only Congress works for the betterment of poor and middle class Indian families. This is the core of our economic policy.” After the increase in cylinder prices on Saturday, Rahul had said that crores of Indian households were fighting a tough war against “excessive inflation”, unemployment and “poor governance”. PLC$GT


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