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Sunday, November 28th, 2021

Criminal Psychologist Anuja Kapur participated in panel discussion at Khadi-Adi Sangam 2018


New Delhi, Sankalp for Khadi successfully organized a panel discussion on ‘Growth of khadi’ on 25th April, 2018 at Khadi- Adi Sangam at Talkatora Stadium. Criminal Psychologist Mrs. Anuja Kapur graced the occasion as a panel member and shared her views and thoughts on promoting Khadi globally. As she believes in action more than words, she herself went down to Khadi India at Connaught place to get herself a saree and was totally pleased and said “Khadi is very closely related with India’s fight for freedom and it’s a matter of pride for every Indian to embrace Khadi” as this motion of khadi manufacturing and weaving started as a symbolic representation of defiance towards the British and deter the Indians from wearing the foreign clothes. She also described that every piece of work sold at Khadi India is transforming and enabling the poor by conveying an optimistic and qualitative changes in their lives” and also spoke about the way she feels Khadi to us Indians is not merely a piece of cloth rather it is a belief, a way of existence, an emotion which united and paved a way for India to become a Self-Sustaining economy. Mrs Anuja Kapur further went on to explain that how khadi is a hand spun, hand woven fabric from the yarn and the equipment utilised for handicrafting of khadi on which it is spun on is called a charkha. It is woven in such a way that it provides passage of air circulation and keeps it light as well which allows for a better cool fit. Khadi being an indigenous brand helps you replace an international product which is why she feels Khadi is a symbol of empowerment and self-dependence as it greatly supports the rural artisans to earn their livelihood. Also the pride of our nation Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of the relevance of roots is embedded within Khadi and the charkha. Most significantly emphasized by Mrs Anuja Kapur was how in the present time of such high levels of pollution the production operation of khadi pertains no environmental damage; hence an extremely eco-friendly solution for the present time to enable a better future. We as patriotic Indians need to spread awareness and up the publicity of the Khadi products in order for them to enter and thrive in the mainstream market.



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