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Sunday, November 28th, 2021

Criminal minds need to be nurtured carefully


New Delhi, Today in the 21st century, the world is facing many problems and increasing rate of crime is one of the main problems in front of every nation. In India, crime rate is increasing and the reason behind committing a crime includes various mitigating factors, which have not been studied and implemented for so many decades. To understand the crime and the criminal mindsets Gujarat National Law University in collaboration with the Indian Society of Criminology had organized 40th All India Criminology Conference on Dimensions of Crime and Criminal Justice System: Contemporary Issues and Challenges. In the conference, many eminent personalities were invited to share their expertise or their theories to curb this major problem. Renowned Criminal Psychologist Mrs. Anuja Kapur was also an invitee in the conference to give her expertise on the thought provoking topic. Mrs. Kapur addressed the gathering and highlighted various theories and her viewpoint on the topic such as shaping of criminal minds, the paradigm shift in criminality past and present, can we reform the criminals. She further stated that,” the mind of the child when born is like a sponge. Nature and nurture of a child mind plays an important role in enhancing the personality of the human being. Peer groups, state, government and victimology further shapes up the criminal mind. Personality disorders cupping up with various personality traits also gives its major contribution in enhancing criminal behaviour. A criminal or an offender can be reformed only when they have the willingness to be reformed. The retributive theory such as eye for an eye can never reform a criminal mind. It is the need of an hour that restorative justice and counselling should be used extensively wherever required for reforming criminal mind. Awareness programmes related to victimology should also be conducted so that the victims can be counselled and victim assistance can be applied to break the vicious circle of victim-offender-victim. Lastly, Mrs Kapur concluded that the society needs to be compassionate understanding and should have faith in judicial system.” The 3-day conference was successfully conducted in the GNLU campus and all the eminent personalities were highly applauded by the GNLU faculty and management team and promise to conduct more conferences in coming future.



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