Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Creatif edges , a startup that offers customised handmade gifting options

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New Delhi, Who doesn’t like gifting but like they say gifting is an art. Creatif Edges is a startup that started with an intention to fulfil passion more than anything else. Creatif Edges is into personalised handmade gifting where people express their emotions to their loved ones through customised gifting solutions. The specialisation lies in handmade cards, scrapbooks, candles, lamps, chocolates with various flavours and shapes , creative albums, greeting cards, bean bags, photo frames and so on.  The start-up caters to huge amount of personalised gifting options. The Entrepreneur Shraddha Sharma founder of Creatif Edges has done BBA and  MBA from reputed institute of management BVIMR, Pachim vihar new delhi. She has also done diploma in French language and certified in cyber security with A+ grade She started the commercial activity by selling her creative gifts online. Entrepreneur has made e-brochure on facebook .Her page received more than 2000 likes in first week of January 2015 in a very short span of time. Running her own business of creative art products, she is setting examples for the young generation. Shraddha Sharma 23 has employed about 5-6 women from her locality who are supporting her in taking up the venture successfully. Currently, she has been selling her environment friendly hand made products by participating in different events and places. “I was very creative since school days and keenly interested in learning new creative things. In fact, it all started more as a hobby, but with the kind of response that I received initially provoked me to keep a big footing as a business. While I sat and thought deeply, I was very convinced that in today’s world creativity is the key and innovation is the big thing which is in fact, the mantra for the survival of biggest fortune 500 companies as well. So, by pursuing this as a career there were two-fold objectives, tap the hidden creativity in young minds which would obviously be the future pillars of society and support few young girls and boys who want to make their own earnings.”Said MS Sharaddha Sharma. “The key ingredients that made my entrepreneurial dream a success, was that I always had a strong inclination towards creativity which finally became my inspiration for me to resign from my corporate career and take a step ahead towards my passion. As far as I am concerned, I love and enjoy what I do, and hence automatically it has helped me to succeed.” She  said. “ For women entrepreneurs balancing work and family is definitely a challenge for. It is by virtue of being naturally multi-talented that women are successfully able to balance their work and family really well. I feel fortunate to work from home and my father’s work place  and also own a brand of her own.” She added.



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