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Sunday, January 24th, 2021

Cow dung log machine to help gaushala earn money from waste as well as contribute towards zero waste sustainable economy

Innerwheel club , panchkula donates eco friendly device which turns cow dung into viable alternative to fire wood to kamdhenu gaushala , pinjore

Panchkula ,

The all women Innerwheel club of Panchkula as part of it’s bid for sustaining the environment has gifted a eco-friendly agro based log making device which turns cow dung into logs, a viable alternative to firewood to Pinjore based Kamdhenu Gaushala.
“This agro based technology helps convert dry cow dung into strong wood-like It means changing waste into something very valuable while making sure of a positive impact on the environment by saving trees,” said Ms Sunanda Sood , President, Innerwheel club, Panchkula at the inaugural function.

The  inauguration of the cow dung to log machine was done by speaker of the Haryana  legislative  assembly Mr Gian Chand Gupta .He lauded the role of women in conserving trees and sustaining the environment

“First the cow dung is sun dried for 5 days to eliminate every trace of water from it— the dung needs to be loose like soil. Then, it is poured into the inlet for being pressed into a cylindrical wooden log-like structure. Depending on the requirement we can make adjustments on the size and shape of the log coming out of the machine. For now it can either be round or cylindrical.” Said Ms Meenakshi Anand, Secretary of the club .

“The drying process ensures strength and sturdiness of the logs. Approximately, the machine can create logs as long as 3 feet, at a rate of one log per minute. What’s even better in this eco-friendly innovation is that one can also use the slurry from biogas units to make these logs by creating a combination of slurry and straw residue. this cow dung log is as strong as wood and has many uses, especially as firewood” Said Ms Sween Goyal, Former Vice President of the club

“People in urban areas often don’t realise but a majority of the Indian population in the rural areas still relies heavily on firewood. It is the main source of energy for them and there is a rising shortage. Even crematoriums depend on firewood for the last rites procedure. So by converting a readily available waste material into something so useful and valuable we are not only aiding waste management but also helping create a great alternative for wood. Additionally, unlike firewood that often requires other materials to burn longer, this cow dung log is slightly hollow to allow the passage of oxygen and therefore, highly combustible,” added Ms Sween Goyal  

 “The members of the club contributed about Rs 50,000/- to buy the device . it’s high time people understand and adopt sustainable ways like this. Not just milk, cattle can actually be much more useful for its waste, especially in rural areas. We all in our big or small ways need to make a responsible contribution towards a zero-waste circular economy,” Ms Sunanda Sood concluded




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