Beijing : There are signs of the corona epidemic returning again in China. Here in many big cities of China including Beijing, the Covid positive rate has crossed 40 percent. New XBB variants are said to be responsible for the new wave of corona virus in China. Experts claim that after the sudden abolition of China’s zero covid policy, the pace of the epidemic has accelerated.

The biggest danger from this is being told to the neighboring countries of China. Senior epidemiologists of China have already said that 65 million corona cases may come every week in the coming months. In such a situation, many questions have arisen in the minds of the people regarding the Kovid epidemic. According to media reports, data released by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that it has reached more than 40 per cent of those tested in late May.

According to data, since April 2023 in China, the number of people suffering from Kovid-19 in hospitals across the country has increased more than five times. China has again come under the grip of new wave of Covid since May. During this period the Kovid positive rate is almost equal to the peak of the epidemic at the end of 2022. People working in China’s offices and factories are becoming absent in large numbers. However, doctors say that most of the ailments are mild. According to the report, China has reported 164 people who died of Kovid-19 in May. Apart from this, severe corona infection was found in 2777 people and this number kept increasing continuously during the month.

China CDC COVID-19 data for May confirms anecdotal evidence of a second wave reported locally and in social media. The Chinese CDC last issued a weekly surveillance report in late April. The second report from the Chinese CDC is released a month later in late May. Experts believe that the whole world is in danger due to the increase of corona cases in any country. Catherine Bennett, an epidemiologist at Deakin University in Australia, says dwindling public immunity is posing a new threat as the coronavirus continues to spread in China. Due to this, there is a possibility of the emergence of more dangerous Kovid variants than before. The corona virus is constantly changing its form.


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