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Friday, January 15th, 2021

COVID-19 infection is not yet over

Haryana Cooperation Minister, Dr. Banwari Lal said that although there is no vaccine for COVID-19 infection as yet, the only way to prevent the virus from spreading is wearing face-mask and maintaining  social distancing.  He said that COVID-19 infection is not yet over, but to avoid it's spread, it is necessary that people should strictly follow the COVID-19 guidelines.  

            The Minister was addressing after launching a book titled "A-Journey-from-Negativity-to-Positivity-Quarantine-Rejuvenate-Me" in Gurugram district today.  On this occasion, the Minister appreciated the author of the book, Ms. Archana Vashishta Sharma and said that the way she had shared her experiences during the Corona period through this book will certainly prove to be an inspiration for many.

            The Minister said that at present only the immunity of each person is protecting them  from COVID infection.  

            Dr. Banwari Lal said that when COVID-19 infection had started spreading, everyone at that time had a lot of fear about the virus and many people during this time also suffered a feeling of hopelessness and depression.  A large section of the society was facing a situation of hopelessness and mental stress, which has been depicted through this book.

            The Minister hoped that the author,  Ms. Archana, will write similar books in the future as well and said that this book will prove to be an inspiration for every section in the society.

            Many dignitaries including, Professor Dinesh Sharma, Vice Chancellor of JC Bose University, Mr. Dinesh Kumar and others were present.



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