COROSURE World’s Most Affordable COVID-19 Diagnostic Kit Developed by IIT Delhi


New Delhi,  

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought the world at its feet and has created an international Pandemic emergency situation. With the spread of CoronaVirus, also known as “Covid-19”, a nation-wide lockdown has been announced resulting in many needy people facing a shortage of getting tested which is required for their survival during the pandemic.


“COROSURE – World’s Most Affordable Covid-19 RT-PCR Testing kit ” which is developed by INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, NEW DELHI has taken a pledge to help the needy people by providing free testing in this time of distress to make it easy for people to survive during this Corona Pandemic lockdown in India.


The company has established the CORONA TESTING RELIEF FUND for free testing to those in need. The donation for the Covid-19 Testing Relief Funds will provide help & support for the needy people. The exuberantly exorbitant cost of medical assistance is only adding to the woes of underprivileged masses. We together can help and support them in this dire situation of national emergency. We as a nation, extend our best wishes to all those engaged in promoting this noble cause.


As we all know, The gift of blood is the noblest and the most precious of all gifts.

But at this time of the pandemic. I will say donating kits for those who can’t afford the test will be the noblest and most precious donations ever.


Along with the testing relief measures, COROSURE along with Jakan Impex is also creating awareness related to Corona Virus caused disease COVID 19 by making people understand the importance of sanitizing & social distancing to protect them from getting vulnerable & prone to infection.


Testing Relief measures by COROSURE for COVID 19 distressed includes the following –


1. Providing free testing kits to hospitals in villages.


2. Providing free testing for our warrior heroes in the army hospitals.


3. Providing free testing for the hospital staff who are on duty in this pandemic situation guarding society.


Corona Testing Relief Seva till date


Testing kits donated till date ( 3470 kits valued at INR 1.4 Million )


Kashish Goyal CEO COROSURE said “In this distress & unfortunate time, COROSURE is putting its full efforts to reach out to each and every distressed, needy & pandemic heroes struck due to Corona and help them. With a little support from each of you, we will be able to stay afloat and help others in coping with this difficult situation.


Since the foundation of COROSURE, you have always supported us and we hereby request you to please continue doing so by favoring us with your blessings and contributions.

You can easily contribute online in our bank accounts & payment methods mentioned and help us continue with our Corona Testing Relief Seva and social activities without any interruptions. “Adds Kashish Goyal


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