Corona virus was leaked from Dragon’s lab itself – a big disclosure in a new US report

There has been a big disclosure in a new report of America regarding the corona virus that has killed crores of people worldwide. A 2021 Department of Energy study said that the virus probably originated from China’s lab.

It was told in the report that this information has come out in a document from the office of Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines. The document was linked to the emergence of this virus. America has been saying since the beginning that the virus leaked from China’s Wuhan lab. However, the agency has said that its report is being issued with low confidence. The Department of Energy oversees a network of 17 US laboratories, including those in the fields of biology.

There are two conflicting theories regarding the origin of the corona virus. First that it has reached humans from an unknown animal and secondly that it has leaked from China’s research lab in Wuhan. Corona virus has been seen for the first time in China. After this, in the beginning of 2020, it had spread almost all over the world. According to WHO, 70 lakh people have died in the world so far due to Corona virus. Due to Corona, the supply chain has been disrupted all over the world.

Former US President Donald Trump also used this issue politically. He called the corona virus the China virus all over the world. The reports from the Department of Energy contrast with reports from four other US intelligence agencies. The two agencies concluded that the pandemic spread in nature from an infected animal. At the same time, the two agencies had not reached any decision. PLC/GT


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