Continuation of the existing scheme of central assistance for Fast Track Courts




The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs today approved the continuation of the scheme of central assistance for Fast Track Courts for a further period of one year upto 31st March 2011. Central assistance to the States will be provided for 1562 Fast Track Courts @ Rs.4.80 lakh per court for the year 2010-11. A budget provision of Rs.75.00 crore has been made for the scheme in the budget of the current financial year.

As per the information received from the State Governments/Registries of the High Courts, 28.38 lakh cases have been disposed off out of 35.02 lakh cases transferred to Fast Tract Courts since inception.

On the basis of the recommendation of the Eleventh Finance Commission, the Ministry of Finance had sanctioned an amount of Rs.502.90 crore for establishment of 1734 Fast Track Courts to expeditiously dispose of long pending cases in the Sessions courts and long pending cases of undertrial prisoners. The scheme was for a period of five years from 2000-2005. After the expiry of the term of the scheme on 31st March, 2005, Government accorded its approval for the continuation of 1562 Fast Track Courts that were operational as on 31st March 2005 for a further period of five years i.e. upto 31st March, 2010 with a provision of Rs.509 crore.



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