Friday, February 28th, 2020

Consumer Organization Appreciate and Congratulate Nitin Gadkari and Ministry for their Efforts towards Passage of MVAB 2019


New Delhi,  

Consumer VOICE, New Delhi based consumer protection organization working to promote road safety, appreciate the efforts and congratulate Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon’ble Union Minister and Ministry of Road Transport and Highways  for their efforts towards passage of Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2019.


In the letter written to Hon’ble Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari civil society organization appreciated the way bill was pushed by Ministry consideringand ensured its passage in the very first session of this Government’s new term.

“The most effective ways to reduce road crash deaths is through strengthening road safety laws. We appreciate and congratulate the Government for their efforts towards passage of the bill in lok sabha and appeal the same urgency towards passage of the bill in the Rajya Sabha  The MVA Bill is expected to save more than 1 lakh lives lost on roads every year"   says Ashim  Sanyal, COO-Consumer VOICE


 The number of road crash fatalities in India currently hovers around 1.5 lakh with another 5 lakh injured. The number of lives lost on national highways during last year was, 54,046 as compared to 53,181 in 2017.

Over 50% road deaths in recent years have been in the age group of 14-35 which is prime productive age group. Every day that the Bill is delayed will lead to the death of another 400 of our fellow countrymen, women and children and the intolerable burden that this places on families, society and the country.

Present Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 1988 which came into enforce in 1989 is 30-year-old act and this MVAB 2019 is going to replace this act if going to be passed in Rajya Sabha.In the last 30 years everything is changed ,be it roads ,vehicles ,technology or infrastructure .In the MVAB 2019 provisions related to increase in penalty related to risk factors such as drunk driving ,over speeding , ,helmet  wearing , seat belt  and child restraint , culpability of parents of juveniles for violation of rules, provisions for the electronic monitoring and enforcement of road safety, good Samaritan provisions etc are included to strengthen the road safety.



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