Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Conservation Plan for Dal Lake

INVC Bureau

New Delhi. Under the National Lake conservation Programme (NLCP), the conservation and management plan for Dal- Nagina Lake in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir was sanctioned in September 2005. The estimated cost was Rs. 298.76 crore, with 100% Central funding. The Project is also included in the Prime Minister‘s Re-construction Plan for J& K. The Project includes diversion of raw sewage presently falling into the lake from various drains and nalas to six Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) having a total capacity of 36.7 mild to cater to the entire sewage discharge into the lake.Three STPs namely Hazratabl – 7.5 mld capacity ,Habak-3.2 mld capacity and Laam -4.5 mld have been commissioned. In addition, the remaining works of Brari Numbal Cut and the Telbal Nala Settling Basin have also been completed. Expenditure of around Rs. 170 crore is still required to be incurred by J&K LWDA in the current financial year to complete the project by the scheduled completion date of March, 2010. A team from AHEC, IIT, Roorkee will have technical review of the progress made so far on the project. The cost of resettlement & rehabilitation (R &R) of families living in the lake is outside the scope of DAL lake Conservation Project. This will be borne by the State Government. Planning Commission will not bear the total cost of rehabilitation dweller even under the PM’s Reconstruction Plan for the State.



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