The BJP today questioned the moral propriety of the Congress in holding the Punjab Governor in the dock for summoning the Punjab chief secretary and the DGP in view of complete collapse of the  law and order situation in the state.

BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh in his frontal attack on Punjab PCC president Sunil Jakhar said in Punjab public services and public life had been held on ransom by the vandal elements who indulge in disruptive and violent activities like blocking roads and rails, destroying communication services hitting professional and commercial life of the people.

Chugh said all this was being done by anti-social and anti-national forces in the name of fighting the farmers’ cause and the Amarinder Singh government had completely failed to take any action against such forces giving an impression as if the vandalism in the state was being done at the behest of the Congress government.

Moreover, Chugh said it does not behove the Congress to talk about federal structure of the country because in the past the Congress had been throwing federal structure to pieces from time to time by dismissing the state governments arbitrarily.”overnight the state governments were thrown out at the whims and fancies of the Congress prime ministers be it Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi”,

“The Governor is within his constitutional rights to call the administrative and police heads of the Amarinder Singh government in view of the prevailing anarchy in Punjab,” Chugh contended.

Chugh said democracy in Punjab had been throttled at the hands of the Congress government as senior BJP leaders were being repeatedly attacked while the BJP offices had been set on fire to silence the voice of the party leaders. “Is it democracy?” Chugh wondered and asked the PCC president to take the Congress government to task instead of questioning the Governor’s propriety in discharging his constitutional duties.


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