The Congress is now going to get the leadership of the full-time president very soon. The election for the post of Congress President will be held on October 17. In case of more than one candidate, these elections will be held. The results will come on October 19. Nominations will be filed between September 24 and 30. After meeting Sonia Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor is also preparing to enter the electoral fray.

It is believed that Shashi Tharoor had expressed his desire to contest elections in front of Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi put the ball in his side. Sonia Gandhi clearly said that everyone has the right to contest elections. He is also free to contest elections. On the other hand, there is also news that Ashok Gehlot will also enter the electoral fray. Ashok Gehlot can file nomination between October 26 and 28.

Looking at the news so far, it seems that this time elections will be held for the post of Congress President. If this happens then after 22 years history will be repeated again. Even 22 years ago, elections were held for the post of Congress President. The story is from the year 2000. There was a contest between Sonia Gandhi and Jitendra Prasad for the post of Congress President. Jitendra Prasad had to face defeat in this election.

Let us tell you that Jitendra Prasad was the father of Jitin Prasad. Last year, Jitin Prasada had decided to leave the Congress and join the BJP. Prior to that, elections were held in 1997 for the post of Congress President. This match was also very interesting when Sitaram Kesari, Sharad Pawar and Rajesh Pilot were face to face. Sitaram Kesari had won in this election.

It is believed that during her meeting with Shashi Tharoor, Sonia Gandhi also completely rejected the fact that there would be an official candidate from the Gandhi family in this election. In fact, Rahul Gandhi resigned from the post of President after being disappointed with the defeat of the Congress in the 2019 elections. Since then the post of Congress President is vacant. However, as the interim president, Sonia Gandhi is fulfilling her responsibility. On the other hand, a resolution has been passed by the Congress Committee of many states to make Rahul Gandhi the President again.

However, recently Rahul Gandhi had said about the election of the President that he is clear from his side what he has to do. Even if he does not contest the election for the post of President, he will give reasons. Regarding Gehlot’s candidature, it is being said that due to political experience and trustworthiness of the Gandhi family, he is being promoted. PLC/GT


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