Navjot Singh Sidhu has praised the current CM Bhagwant Mann. Describing Bhagwant Mann as honest, he said that if Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann takes action on the mafia in the state, then he will support them by rising above the party line. Let us inform that Navjot Singh Sidhu had criticized the Punjab government for the action of Punjab Police against former Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders Kumar Vishwas and Alka Lamba a day before this praise.

He accused the Punjab government of acting like a puppet of Delhi Chief Minister and AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal. Now a day later he has praised Bhagwant Mann. During an interaction with the media, Sidhu said that, “Congress needs to revive itself in Punjab to come back to power.” After this, Sidhu praises the Chief Minister and says, ‘I consider him my younger brother.

He is an honest man. I never pointed a finger at him. If he fights against mafia, my support is with him. I will stand by it by rising above the party line, because it is a fight for the existence of Punjab. He shared a cartoon on Twitter. In this, Punjab Government was written on a scooter, while the scooter had a cartoon of Arvind Kejriwal. A cartoon of Bhagwant Mann was sitting in front of Kejriwal.

Sidhu was trying to tell that there is a puppet government of Kejriwal in Punjab. Sidhu had also called the Punjab government a puppet government in his tweet. He wrote that, “Punjab government is acting like a puppet of Arvind Kejriwal. The police action against Dr. Kumar Vishwas and Alka Lamba shows that it is being used to silence their critics. Congress Alka stands firmly by ji. Will go to the police station with her. PLC &GT


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