As the date of Rahul Gandhi’s visit is getting closer, the Congress has started its preparations in full swing. The rest of the responsibility has been divided, but there is a struggle to get the name added within the Congress about who will meet Rahul Gandhi and who will not. Congress leaders are busy getting their names added to the list of those who met him in Bhopal and Delhi. However, this list will be final from Bhopal itself.

Rahul Gandhi will arrive in Indore around November 28. His journey will pass through 12 districts. In-charges of travel have been made in 12 districts and in-charges for other arrangements have also been appointed by the State Congress Committee. Indore will remain the center point. Here Rahul Gandhi will spend three nights. However, the route has not been finalized yet. On November 8, Kamal Nath is going to Indore, after that the route will be finalized. Meanwhile, there is a competition among Congress leaders to meet Rahul Gandhi, but it has been made clear from Delhi that the leaders will not be mixed in the form of a crowd. They will be mixed one by one in the moving journey. Along with this, a meeting can also be held at Khalsa Stadium.

To get the name included in the list, leaders of only 12 districts are in contact with their bosses in Bhopal and Delhi and want to get their names added in the ongoing journey of Rahul Gandhi. State Congress President Kamal Nath and state in-charge JP Agarwal will finalize this list. Agarwal is also camping in the state and is visiting all the districts to see the preparations for the yatra. Since there will be big leaders in Indore, it is difficult to melt the pulses of small leaders. Therefore, it is being decided that a separate conference of booth, sector and Mandalam level workers should be held, which Rahul Gandhi will address. PLC/GT


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