Monday, July 13th, 2020

Congress exhibits its anti hindu face once again


Congress exhibits its anti hindu face once again and made vicious statements against Hindu Community/ temples. For this either Congress should come out open as Hindu Chating political outfit or should offer uncondional apology to global hindu community. - Gaurav Goel.

Today, Congress Municipal Councillor from Chandigarh Davinder Babla released a video and made extremely objectionable statements against Hindus and spewed venom against the Hindu community once again by targeting the temples/ institutions of Hindus. Not only has he insulted the determination of the Nation for its fight against Corona but has also insulted the efforts of 130 cr Indians. BJP State spokesperson Mr Gaurav Goel raised severe objection against this anti Hindu statement.

Davinder Babla has issued a statement that Hindu temples have not done anything to fight coronavirus and that Hindu temples have been inactive during this period. Refuting these whimsical claims Mr Goel from BJP said that Hindu community, through Hindu temples has worked out to the best of its capacity and has made and provided food to millions of people during the Lock down period but the problem is Congress is enslaved by a Pakistan pandering mindset that accepts only a family and not the Nation and said that only Congress and Imran Khan fail to acknowledge the collective efforts of Indian masses put into the fight against covid-19.

Mr Goel further claimed that the statement of Davinder Babla once again unmasks viciously anti Hindu face of Congress. The way Congress has been making anti-Hindu laws since Independence, the very same way Congress' opposition to Hindu interest continuous uninterrupted.

Mr Goel asks Congress, why Congress is so against Hindus and Hindu interests. The Hindu society is immensely enraged at the statement of Davinder Babla and asks why Congress spews venom against Hindus under the Garb of secularism. Mr Goel along with Hindu organisations and societies, has demanded from Congress that either Congress should come out openly as Hindu haters or they should offer an unconditional apology to the Global Hindu community to whom they have insulted.



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