Congress crisis: Chidambaram said that I do not know how many MLAs will support Sachin Pilot

Senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram has given a big statement regarding the Rajasthan crisis. In a special conversation with a news channel, he said that the situation in Rajasthan could have been handled better. During this conversation, P Chidambaram was seen avoiding any kind of blame on Ashok Gehlot. P Chidambaram said that Gehlot is a true Congressman and he will remain loyal to the Congress party till his last breath.

Chidambaram said that the entire matter of Rajasthan is between the party high command and Ashok Gehlot. Now Gehlot has apologized to Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

So now this whole issue is over. But in my opinion the party could have handled the whole matter better. Two observers were sent from Delhi to ensure that everything is done in a better way in Rajasthan. It was his responsibility that everything should be done smoothly there. He should have handled the situation further.

This statement of P. Chidambaram comes a few days after the protest against Gehlot camp in Rajasthan. The Gehlot camp had opposed the meeting of the legislature party convened by the party high command on Sunday, saying that if someone other than Gehlot was made the CM in the state, he would resign from his post. Along with this, he had also talked about making someone CM from the Gehlot camp itself.

The MLAs of Gehlot camp were clearly opposing the appointment of Sachin Pilot as the new CM of the state. P Chidambaram further said that Ashok Gehlot is currently the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. There is no vacancy there until he leaves the post.

He further said that I cannot say that he will leave this post. I think he will continue to be the CM and will win the Rajasthan elections once again for the party under his leadership. There are elections in Rajasthan in the next 16-17 months. In such a situation, only a senior leader should be made in-charge of Rajasthan, who can lead the party in the upcoming elections also.

On a question asked whether Sachin Pilot should be made CM or not, Chidambaram said that I do not know how many MLAs will support Sachin Pilot. I think any candidate for the post of Chief Minister must have the support of a good number of MLAs. This is a common thing. PLC/GT


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