Complete method of Dussehra vehicle worship


Say Dussehra that on Vijayadashami, where Maa Durga killed Mahishasura, on the other hand Shri Ram celebrated victory by killing Ravana.
The festival of Vijayadashami is the festival of victory of truth over falsehood. On this day Shri Ram hoisted the flag of victory over Lanka and was declared the king of Sugriva. But why worship the vehicle on this day? What is the reason behind this?

Why do vehicle worship on Vijayadashami:

1. Actually, after the Lanka conquest, Shri Ram expressed his gratitude to all those people who had supported him directly or indirectly. Whether it is root or animate. Be it animal or bird. He expressed his gratitude to all.
2. Since Shri Ram had expressed his gratitude to all inanimate things. He also expressed his gratitude to his weapons, chariots and all kinds of vehicles in inert things because without them the war could not be fought. Talking about vehicles, chariots, elephants and horses were all vehicles.
3. Today the worship of our vehicles is only synonymous with the same ‘rath-worship’. In ancient India, this tradition was followed by chariot-worship, horse-worship, weapon-worship. At present, the nature of this tradition has changed and is visible to us in the form of vehicle worship.
4. Army vehicles, police department vehicles, passenger vehicles for traffic, own vehicles etc. all run our life. We wash our vehicles thoroughly and worship it by garlanding it. This vehicle is our partner. Without it we cannot go anywhere. Therefore, it is the day of Dussehra to express gratitude towards it. We worship it only to show gratitude or to show gratitude.

How to worship a new car or bike on Dussehra? ,

First of all sprinkle water on the vehicle three times with mango leaves.
By sprinkling water, the vehicle becomes a part of the house. This vehicle has been taken by us. May his entry into our house be good for us and for him.
Then make a small swastika on the vehicle with a mixture of vermilion and ghee oil. Apart from being auspicious, the swastika is also very energetic. The swastika is made so that there is no interference in the journey by the vehicle.
Then garland the vehicle with flowers. Wrap the Kalava around the vehicle three times. Kalava is the thread of defense. Which is for the safety of the vehicle.
Now do aarti with camphor. Pour the water from the Kalash to the right and left. It reflects a sense of welcome for the vehicle.
Apply a tilak with the ashes of camphor on the vehicle. It protects the vehicle from sight.
Now keep sweets on the vehicle. Afterwards, give this sweet to the cow mother to eat.
Take a coconut and break it in front of the vehicle by turning it seven times over the new vehicle.
Start the vehicle and make a round through it from the place of coconut.
To keep getting good benefits from the vehicle always, take a yellow penny. Thread this cowry in a black thread. Hang it on your vehicle on Wednesdays. This will protect your vehicle.
Hang a small statue of Bajrangbali flying in the sky inside the vehicle. Or keep auspicious symbols of your religion.
– Install a small statue of Lord Ganesha in the front. PLC/GT


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