Friday, February 28th, 2020

Complainant didn’t appeared in court against IAS Khemka case

Sukhjeevan SharmaSukhjeevan Sharma,, INVC,, Panchkula,, Some months back senior IAS Ashok Khemka , who was in the news following the recent controversy over land deals involving Robert Vadra, against government. On 1st december, 2012, panchkula resident filed petition in the district court against khemka petitioners alleged that her husband and father of son committed suicide due to ashok khemka. The hearing was fixed for today in the panchkula court but Krishna Devi, mother of the complainant didn’t appeared before the court. So the court was adjourned today and the next date of hearing if fixed for 26th march, 2013.  Earlier, Petitioner Nitin Poswal son of Jaswant Poswal in his petition demanded that action should be taken against khemka under sections 116, 166, 298, 305, 306 CRPC 156(3). In his petition, naraingarh resident Nitin Poswal along with his mother Krishna Devi alleged that Ashok Khemkaexpelled his husband Jaswant Singh without giving show cause notice and after that her husband left the home. At that time khemka was chief administrator in Haryana housing department. She further alleged that khemka provoked her husband to commit suicide. Nitin also said that his father use to discuss in the family that he is very upset due to ashokkhemka and he was in mental depression due to khamka. When his father was suspended from the job his father use to say that he will not live long life and on 16th February , 2007 suddenly he disappeared from home.  Family members claims that jaswant singh committed suicde due to khemka. Nitin further said that his father was also union leader and many times he went to khemka regarding the complaints of the employees. Due to this khemkaexpelled his father from the job. Jaswant Singh was posted as a clerk with Haryana housing board in sector-6. He demanded strict action against khemka.



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