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Competition Benchmarking in Global Pumps Market


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The report titled “Competition Benchmarking in Global Pumps Market – WILO Group, KSB Group, Xylem Pumps Inc, EBARA Group, Grundfos Group, Sulzer Pumps, Shimadzu Group, Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Flowserve Inc, Weir Group” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Global Pumps Market. The report also covers the overview and genesis of the industry, overall industry revenue, segmentation on the basis of product category, end users and by regions, end suer potential, competitive scenario of major players in global pumps market, global pumps market service matrix, SWOT analysis of the global pumps market, key financials for major global market players, competitive scenario and company profiles. The report concludes with market projection and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.

Global Pump Market Overview and Size

Global pump market grew at a lower growth rate over the review period 2013-2018. The market experienced a fall in growth rate due to an economic slowdown during 2015-2016. During this phase, major pump manufacturers initiated restructuring and reorganization efforts, Some business segments were divested, and rvenues plummeted for most global players. The recuperation in revenues for most global players, and the process of inorganic growth began in the year 2017. In 2018, water and waste water sector winess a major rise in market share, as it accounted for the largest market share for both Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, followed by the Oil and Gas sector.

Global Pumps Market Segmentation

End User: Among Positve Displacement Pumps, the water and waste water industry dominated the market share and will show the highest increase as global demand for water is increasing specially from developing and third world countries. This was followed by the chemical industry which occupied the second largest market share. Among Centrifugal Pumps, the water and waste water sector will held the highest market share along with the Oil and Gas market. The Water and Waste Water sector witness a rise due to growing demand for fresh water and rising investments into water filtration plants from both public and private players, but the oil and gas sector is expected to witness a fall in market share as natural resources are depleting and nations are looking towards alternate sources of fuel.

Competitive Landscape

Global Pumps market is currently in the Maturity Stage, with major players relying on Inorganic Growth to stay competitive and market entry for newer players is difficult. Regional players rely on niche industries to sustain operations and global players look for new countries to expand their global presence. The competition is highly concentrated globally and highly fragmented on a country basis. Major Players include Grundfos, EBARA, WILO, KSB, Baker Hughes, Xylem, Flowserve, Kirloskar Brothers and others globally and, Ruhrpumpen, Broaching Machine Specialties, IMBIL, Indústria e Manutenção pumps, Rotomac Industries Pvt Ltd, Sonho Pumps, Water engg Services FZE, PUMPEN, DESMI regionally. Market Players compete on factors such as technological innovation, regions served, industries served, prices, after sales service, quality of products and others.

Global Pumps Market Future Outlook

The global pumps market is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 2.9% over the forecast period of 2018-2023E. The market is estimated to grow due to industry wide trends such as digitization of pumps, growing urbanization, and increasing demand of sanitized water. Centrifugal pumps are expected to retain the higher market share as applications for centrifugal pumps in the water and waste water sector will increase over the forecast period. Among end users, the water and waste water sector will retain the highest market share for both centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Geographically, the Asia Pacific region is expected to retain the highest market share by 2023, but the MEA(Middle East and Africa) region is expected to showcase the highest growth.



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