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The report titled “Competition Benchmarking in Saudi Arabia Online Car Wash Market – Saudi Arabia’s Desert Conditions, Increasing Car Parc and Strong Demand for Luxury Cars to Collectively offer Opportunities for Car Wash among Online Players in Future)” provides a comprehensive analysis on overview of car wash and car care industry in Saudi Arabia. The report covers various aspects including market overview and size, online car wash market size by Gross Transaction Value (GTV), business model / operating model and comparative landscape of major mobile app aggregators including cross comparison, strengths and weaknesses and company profiles of major mobile app aggregators.

Saudi Arabia Car Wash Market Overview

Due to less technological advancements, the country was observed with traditional bucket car washing and stationary car washing methods. During this phase, people were observed with more of cars and unwanted waiting in queues for car wash. The car wash market is being dominated by large chunk of unorganized / independent car wash / car maintenance service providers which consume large quantity of water thus, leading to water wastage. Car wash and car care business in the country evolved after the introduction of several online mobile app aggregators that tend to connect users with car wash service providers. Later on, the Companies focused towards providing different type of car wash services such as steam wash, car waxing and polishing, waterless car wash. Apart from that, they specialize in providing road side assistance and car maintenance. Growing number of cars as well as the economic development in the KSA has made it one of the most promising markets in the car wash industry.

Saudi Arabia Online Car Wash Drivers

Car wash industry in the KSA has been growing along with the growing need for enhanced car wash and car care products, solutions and services. The car wash business has taken off in the Middle East region owing to the difficult weather conditions in the region including sandstorms thereby, leading to significant need for intensive cleaning and car maintenance services.

Comparative Landscape in Saudi Arabia Online Car Wash Market

Competition within the KSA online car wash market was observed as highly fragmented with the presence of mobile app aggregators who provide an online platform where customers can avail car maintenance services from listed service providers / centers across the country. The market is presently operating at a nascent stage as the concept of booking car wash via mobile application is fairly new in the market. As a result of which, there is no dominant player in terms of car washing within the Kingdom as they receive limited bookings on a daily basis. Some of leading online car maintenance aggregators operating in the KSA include CarSpa, CarHub, Morni, Ezhalha, Luz Car Wash and others. Parameters on the basis of which companies compete include service portfolio, service points/service providers, pricing, user reviews and feedback, user friendly mobile application, number of app downloads / active user base / popularity and key clientele.


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