Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Communists gathered to fight Capitalism

INVC Bureau

New Delhi. THE 11th International Meeeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties on Sunday witnessed a call of its representatives to launch worldwide struggles for protection of peoples’ rights against the capitalist exploitation. Among the leaders who attended the meeting were CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat with party leader Sitaram Yechury and A.B. Bardhan of the CPI.


Regarding the Capitalism as the root cause of the current crisis of global recession, the leaders and foreign delegates in the meeting stated that socialism is the only alternative for the future of mankind. It blamed the NATO for promoting aggressive strategies with political systems across the globe restricting democratic, civil liberties and trade union rights. In the era of globalization, asserting the mechanism of capitalism and its motto of profit making as the key reason for the sharp widening economic inequalities between countries and within countries, it emphasized on the struggle for an alternative system where there will be no exploitation of people by people and nation by nation. In the three-day meet the leaders admitted that necessary actions are needed to be taken in all countries in a coordinated manner on six issues: protesting against the NATO and its global expansion; November 29 to be observed as solidarity day in support of the Palestinians’ struggle; 2010 to be observed as the 65th anniversary of the defeat of fascism; strengthening popular mobilization in defence of workers’ rights with the coordination of trade unions; intensifying international solidarity for the release of the Cuban five (held by the US); and strengthening popular movements, pressing governments in respective countries, demanding the right to work.


The 12th edition of the meeting is to be held at South Africa with dates, venue and theme yet to be decided.



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