Colors Infinity is all set to come up with the Indian Television Premiere of one of the best cooking shows

Nigella Lawson in Nigella: At My Table!
Nigella Lawson in Nigella: At My Table!

Watch Colors Infinity’s new show Nigella: At My Table to get some of the best food recipes for your everyday cooking

Colors Infinity is all set to come up with the Indian Television Premiere of one of the best cooking shows – Nigella: At My Table, starting November 24, Monday to Friday at 8 pm. A show that features renowned food writer and television cooks around the world, Nigella Lawson will be seen sharing the joy of everyday cooking with some brilliant, easy, and quick recipes for your cravings. The viewers can witness Nigella in her comfortable home, whipping up delicacies for her friends and family in a celebration of home cooking!

Read further to find out the top 6 recipes to dive into by Nigella Lawson in Nigella: At My Table!


Chicken Barley For Instant Comfort!

This delicacy by Nigella, which is slightly soupy with delicious risotto, is all set to offer you instant comfort. It will be your go-to comfort food to enjoy after a long week of work. It’s tempting, delicious, and gives you instant gratification after each bite. This recipe is surely one of the best ones to try for yourself.

A Magnificent Golden Egg Curry!

Here comes another tasty recipe right from the table of Nigella Lawson which is Golden Egg Curry. Called Masak Lemak Telur in Malaysia, this dish consists of rich, aromatic, turmeric-tinted, tamarind-sharp, coconutty sauce, or soup. Try this amazing delicacy the way you prefer, be it soupy, mild, or with a whole lot of chilies!

Balanced Diet with Carrots and Fennel With Harissa!

Try this recipe by Nigella to have a well-balanced meal. A dish that is extremely delicious and packed with flavors, but is easy to cook at the same time. The sweetness of carrots, the herbal freshness of fennel, the mellow citrus tang of satsuma, and the aromatic heat of harissa is going to satisfy your cravings!

An Exceptional Combination for Your Chinese Cravings!

Nigella brings you a recipe that is inspired from her experiences of cooking and suggestions from her friends. Slow-roast five-spice lamb with Chinese pancakes are going to be your go-to option for an amazing blend of spice with sweetness. Give this dish a try if you wish to have authentic and easy-to-cook Chinese cuisine at its best!

A Soothing Classic by Nigella!

Nigella brings a heartier and more soothing dish for her fans and followers. Wide Noodles with Lamb Shank in Aromatic Broth – another easy-to-cook recipe is all here to give you the rich and aromatic taste of noodles combined with the mouthwatering broth. The dish is literally a soul in a bowl. Pick this astonishing mouthwatering noodle with lamb dish to have some comfort food at the end of a busy day!

A Richly Crafted Dessert!

Ginger and walnut carrot cake is the best dessert to have after a scrumptious wholesome meal. This unique dessert is filled with cream cheese, is richly sweet, loftily layered, slightly rustic, and gives the vibe of an English teatime treat. Have this ginger-spiked at the end of your dinner or with some tea at breakfast.

Tune into Colors Infinity to get the best out of Nigella’s everyday recipes from November 24th, Monday-Friday at 8 pm only on Nigella: At My Table


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