CM Yogi’s Vision: Transforming Lucknow into an AI Innovation Hub


Lucknow : Explore the groundbreaking development of India’s first AI city in Lucknow. Witness the vision of Yogi Adityanath unfold, transforming Uttar Pradesh into a tech powerhouse. Discover the innovative infrastructure, financial incentives, and future-forward features driving this monumental project

Revamping Lucknow: India’s First AI City Takes Shape

The drive for economic progression in Uttar Pradesh has taken an unprecedented turn under the stewardship of the Yogi government. Aiming to elevate the state to a trillion-dollar economy, their vision hinges on creating industrial advancements, with Lucknow, the capital, poised to become a burgeoning IT hotspot. Set in motion within the Nadarganj region, the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) city has been earmarked, marking a significant milestone in Uttar Pradesh’s industrial evolution.

Setting the Stage

The meticulous planning, spearheaded by Yogi Adityanath, has birthed a comprehensive blueprint for the development of Lucknow as an AI city. The Uttar Pradesh Electronics Corporation Limited (UPECL) has kickstarted this initiative by inviting applications from renowned real estate developers and agencies to design, develop, and manage the city’s infrastructure and operations through an expression of interest under the ‘Uttar Pradesh Electronic Manufacturing Policy (UPEMP).’

Innovative Infrastructure on the Horizon

The project is slated to endorse Grade-A certified commercial spaces for IT firms, state-of-the-art data centers, flexible workspaces, and tech labs. Alongside commercial spaces, the plan includes the construction of luxurious and affordable residential complexes, recreational areas, and green spaces, accentuating the development’s world-class amenities.

Identifying Potential Development Sites

The IT and Electronics Department has identified approximately 40 acres of land parcels in prominent locations across Lucknow for potential development. Strategically positioned near the Nadarganj industrial area and within close proximity to the Lucknow International Airport, this area promises optimal connectivity and prime location advantages, bolstering its suitability for establishing the AI city.

Financial Impetus and Support for Developers

Developers participating in the project are set to receive substantial financial incentives, including up to INR 20 crore support for IT parks and up to INR 100 crore for the AI city. Furthermore, under the IT and ITES Policy 2022, financial assistance, exemptions in stamp duty, non-financial aid, lease rentals, and cost waivers for cloud services, electricity, and bandwidth expenses are slated to be extended.

A Futuristic Landscape

The developers’ mandate encompasses the creation of avant-garde structures based on plug-and-play infrastructure, constructing Grade-A LEED-certified offices, establishing a dedicated area for incubators, startups, and corporates, and developing AI-operated climate control, lighting systems, and energy management solutions.

Embarking on a Green Revolution

Efforts to create an inviting eco-friendly space for IT professionals will be augmented by the development of aesthetically pleasing, socially engaging, and environmentally conscious structures. Additionally, the operational and maintenance aspects of the AI city are integral, with developers expected to boast an annual turnover of over INR 1,000 crore.


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