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CM directs PWD to restore all roads by 15th October

INVC,, Shimla,, Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister, directed the Public Works Department authorities to restore all the roads by making them pliable for vehicular traffic by October 15, 2010 positively. He was presiding over a high-level meeting to review the road conditions all over the State which met here under his Chairmanship today. He directed the authorities to cancel leave of all concerned functionaries in the department and ensure that they were available at their station headquarters till the restoration work was completed. Chief Minister said that the state had experienced incessant rains during monsoon season which had damaged 17,682 kms. of road length in different parts of the state valued at Rs. 1009.35 crore. He said that it was due to the consistent efforts of the department that all major roads were kept open for vehicular movement to facilitate transportation of man and material with deployment of 480 heavy machinery and included 137 departmental dozers and 199 JCBs and additionally 144 private JCBs were also pressed into service to maintain the roads. He said that there were only six roads in the areas which experienced heavy rains and the same will be made pliable by the middle of this month. He also approved the emergent restoration of damaged roads schedule and fixed target for clearance of slips from road formation be completed by 15th of October, patch work on tarred roads and due periodical renewals (by giving preference to damaged stretches) by 30th of October,; Kharanja soling in pot holes including non-metalled roads, essential walls/crate walls required for safe movement of vehicular traffic, dressing of road berms and clearance of drains/culverts be completed positively by November 30, 2010 in all respects. He said that completion of patch work including due renewal in the damaged stretches of national highways had also to be completed by November 15, 2010. Prof. Dhumal said that keeping in view heavy rains the state government made advance arrangements of procurement of 45,937 drums of bitumen and 82,740 sqms. of crate wire to carry out restoration work on war footing. He directed the authorities to press their entire men and machinery force into restoration work to achieve the same by the scheduled date well before the onset of winter season. He said that State Government had already released Rs. 37 crore to carry out emergency restoration during rainy season. He said that accountability of the concerned official functionaries would be fixed for not achieving the target by the stipulated period of time. He said that the higher authorities would be required to monitor the restoration progress on daily basis besides carrying surprise inspection on different roads. [caption id="attachment_19224" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal Chief Minister, presiding over the meeting with PWD department at Shimla, "]Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal Chief Minister,  presiding over the meeting with   PWD department at Shimla, [/caption]



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