Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Clusters will provide common facilities to the pharmaceutical industry : Ananth Kumar

Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers, Shri Ananthkumar releasing the Proceedings of the 12th National Pharmaceuticals Conclave, in New Delhi onINVC NEWS New Delhi,

The Government will soon comeup with 10pharmaclusters in the country. Releasing the proceedings of the 12th National Pharmaceuticals Conclave here today, the Union Chemicals and fertilizers Minister Shri Ananth Kumar said that these clusters will provide common facilities to the pharmaceutical industry, and help them hive off upto 25% of the cost, making them globally competitive. He said that for these clusters, a strategy has been decided for early implementation.

The Minister said that that there are valuable suggestions in the report which will be promptly examined, and taken up for action. He said that the Government wants to ensure that four pillars of the industry - Quality, Affordability, Availability and Stability are in position. He said that the Government wants to provide health security for the poor people of the country, and this requires innovative strategies, like supply of generic medicines, building domestic capacity in bulk drugs, and making pharma sector competitive. Shri Ananth Kumar said that unified policy, regulation and administration mechanism is required for the pharmaceutical industry, and he has recommended to the Prime Minister to set up a separate department for the same. He said that on the issue of Bulk drugs production in the country, Katoch committee report has been received in the Ministry, and an action plan is being prepared for its implementation. Once its recommendations are put in place, it will make Indian industry viable and competitive.

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister of state for chemicals and fertilizers, Shri HansrajGangaramAhir said that close interaction with producers and consumers helps the Government in formulating a better policy. He said that industry and national growth go hand in hand.

The 12th National Pharmaceuticals Conclave wasjointly organized by the Confederation of Indian industry and Department of Pharmaceuticals, Govt of India  in December 2014. The objective of the Conclave was to bring together all stakeholders for facilitating meaningful discussions on the challenges and possible mechanisms for countering it. The Conclave was supported by all major industry associations and several Ministries of the Govt. of India. The Conclave deliberated on much-needed collaborative multisectoral approaches that meet the government’s health policy objectives.



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