Climate Crisis Hits Home: Himalayan Snow Disappears in April, Signals Drought Risk


New Delhi : The temperature is continuously increasing in the upper part of the Himalayas. In the last 7-8 days, areas above 12000 are melting rapidly. The temperature is continuously increasing despite rain and snowfall. There was snow on Kedarnath and Tunganath Dham in Uttarakhand last week. There is at least 1 foot of snow in this area in April. But the way the temperature is increasing. The snow is melting before time. Due to snow disappearing from the mountains before this time, there is a possibility of water crisis in many places.

The temperature in Dehradun in the month of April was around 25 degrees. Which has now increased to 35. This is the highest in the records of the last 10 years. Heat wave has started here. Heatweb is also being seen in Udham Singh Nagar and Haridwar. According to meteorologists, the post monsoon in 2023 was very weak. There was no moisture seen in the mountains till December and January. Due to which the temperature is continuously increasing for the last 8-10 days.

The temperature is 8 to 11 degrees higher than previous years. Even after snowfall, the snow here is not able to last. Last year in 2023, there was snowfall in Kedarnath Dham in the first week of May. This time the weather has changed. According to Vikram Singh, director of Meteorological Center, Dehradun, this type of weather is being seen for the first time in the Himalayas, which is a matter of concern.


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