Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

Climate change - main cause of Natural Disaster

Tripti-from-GSSS-Bhawnipur-INVC NEWS Chandigarh,

Since 1990, there had been three times increase in natural disasters most of which are the direct result of climate change as a consequence of global warming. Disasters disrupt progress and often push nations, in quest for progress, back by several decades.These were the views expressed by Dr. Rajesh Grover, Director Pushpa Gujral Science City on the occasion of celebration ofInternational Day for Disaster Reduction at Science City. This programe was organized with the help of  Ministry of Earth Sciences Govt. of India. Recalling the worst floods ever experienced in the last 100 years by the Southern city of Chennaiin Nov. 2015 which destroyed crops in 10000 acres worth Rs. 1350 Crores, he mentioned that floods continue to be the most frequently occurring disaster. He further added that whatever type of a disaster it may be, whether natural or man-made, it is the community itself that is the first to cope with it. It is what the people should know so that they are able to lead the first line of action at the time of disaster and in reducing its impact. The importance of public education in this connection is most vital. Indigenous knowledge and risk management strategies are valuable, and must be integrated into disaster preparedness and response programmers. On this occasion, Dr. Raman Chawla a well renowned heart specialist talked about the importance of first aid during an accident and heart attack.  He   added that every minute of delay in treatment leads to the chance of permanent heart damage and death. Further he said that adopting good life style like regular walk, avoid intake of oily food and keep the blood pressure and sugar level within normal range make life healthy and happy. He also explained about the heart attack that how it occurs, what are its symptoms and what immediate precautions could be taken in order to recover from the severe pain of heart attack. He also suggested that during emergency one should call local medical emergency number. On this occasion photography and Debate competitions were also organized in which students from different schools participated. Result of the competition: Debate Competition First prize has been achieved by Parneet Kaur from SPSM School Bhegowal, Secod prize clinched   by Harpreet Kaur   from BST School Sugokalia and third prize went to Honey DAV Model Sen. School Kapurthala.



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