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Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Clear Mandate to put India on growth trajectory : PHD Chamber

Dalip Sharma, Regional Director, PHD Chamber.INVC,
PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes NDA’s victory and look forward to the new government to revive economic growth and development of the country.
Rajiv Bali, Chairman, Punjab Committee, PHD Chamber said, “With the clear mandate in place, we look forward to reforms in the basic infrastructures including special thrust on R & D, quality education, both technical and professional, rail, road, air connectivity, energy sector, health sector to augment the economic policies. Special stress needs to be laid on agricultural sector, by providing good quality agriculture-infrastructure to improve supply-chain scenario, enhancing storage facilities and minimizing wastages would be critical to sustain growth trajectory in the coming times.”
“Implementation of GST would be critical to remove the cascading impact of indirect taxes on economy and to create a common market across the country”, added Bali.
Manufacturing sector reforms should be at the top of the agenda of the new government to enhance its growth and productivity to generate millions of employment opportunities in the economy. State of the art infrastructure, hassle-free environment clearances, reforms in the labor laws, special attention to the MSMEs sector would be critical to increase the manufacturing share in GDP to 25% from the current level of 16%, said R S Sachdeva, Co- Chairman, Punjab Committee, PHD Chamber.
“With the clear mandate, a stable government shall be formed at the centre and we hope it would put India firmly on the growth trajectory”, said Dalip Sharma, Director, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.   “The onus now lies on Modi to live up to the expectations of voters, who voted him in with a clear mandate”, said Sharma.
“We hope, Modi will take strong steps and implement sturdy developmental policies across India and make India’s growth strong, fast and sustainable and make India an attractive investment destination for industrialists, both domestic and overseas”, added Sharma.



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