the Union Home Secretary, Shri G.K.Pillai here today on the issue of interception of the telephones of Ms Niira Radia.

“My attention has been drawn to reports that have appeared in ‘OPEN Magazine’ and in ‘India Today’. I wish to clarify that neither I nor the Ministry of Home Affairs had access or have any access to any of the tapes concerning the interception of the telephones of Ms. Niira Radia. I also understand from the affidavits given by the Ministry of Finance (CBDT) that some portion of the tapes had been given to the CBI for investigation.

My interview to the Wall Street Journal has been misunderstood and quoted out of context. I had only stated that the interception of the telephone calls have been authorized by the Home Ministry on account of allegations concerning tax evasion/hawala, and that no tapes concerning tax evasion/hawala had appeared in the press. These were the subject matter of investigation by the CBDT and if these are substantiated, would be only disclosed later when the charge-sheets are filed by the concerned agencies. Since I have neither heard nor seen the tapes, the allegations that I am leaking these tapes, at the behest of the Union Home Minister, is totally unfounded and false.”


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