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Sunday, June 13th, 2021

CITIZENS’ ASSOCIATION Sector-21 celebrates Lohri

INVC Chandigarh,,  The Citizens’ Association Sector 21 (Regd.), Chandigarh  celebrated auspicious festival of   ‘Lohri’  on Sunday, the 10th January, 2010 in Community Centre, Sector 21, Chandigarh with gaiety and fervor.  Around 800 members of the Association and residents of the Sector took part in the celebration.  

         Shri Ram Niwas, IAS, Home Secretary U.T, Chandigarh and Dr. Roshan Sunkaria, IAS, Commissioner, MCC, Chandigarh were the Chief Guest & Guest of Honour on this occasion.  Mrs. Babita Verma,  Councillors, Officers and many other dignitaries graced the occasion.  The  ‘Lohri fire’ was lit, followed by  cultural programme presented by renowned artists from Department of Public Relations and Cultural Affairs, Haryana.  Children and other artists from the Sector also gave impressive performance.  

      The President, Shri P.C. Sanghi  on behalf of the Association welcomed  the Chief Guest &  Guest of Honour and other dignitaries on the occasion.   He conveyed his good wishes to the residents of the Sector on the occasion of Lohri festival and  for   happy and prosperous New Year-2010.   He recounted the welfare activities of the Association in improving the quality of life of the residents and bringing the Sector  in many aspects as a  role model for other Sectors of the city beautiful.  

       The  Guest of Honour and the Chief Guest conveyed their good wishes to the residents on this occasion and  lauded the role of the Association in all-round  development of the Sector.   They praised  enthusiasm of the President  and his team  and members of the Association in maintaining old tradition of celebrating festival of ‘Lohri’ to promote the feeling of love and  brotherhood amongst the residents.  

      The guests and the residents enjoyed the cultural programme presented by the  team of artists and the traditional refreshment served to them.    




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