Chinese Government Faces Criticism Over Alleged Violation of Religious Freedom, Demolition of Mosques


China started demolishing mosques – this is the reason for the silence of the Islamic country

Beijing – : The Xi Jinping government of China has started demolishing mosques in its country. According to the information received, after the brutal suppression of Uyghur Muslims, China has started the process of demolishing mosques.

But the Islamic countries are silent on this incident. In view of the recent situation, an ancient mosque is to be demolished in the Muslim-dominated area in the southwest region of China, which has created a ruckus. There has also been a clash between police and local Muslims over the mosque and its video has now gone viral on social media.

It is being told that this mosque is several hundred years old. The Chinese government wants to break the dome of this mosque. Islamic countries including Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey have kept silence on this whole incident. The government of the ruling Communist Party of China is intensifying its cycle of repression on Muslims in the country and is engaged in erasing Islamic identity. Under this, the mosque has to be demolished.

It is seen in the video of this incident that went viral that there was a clash between the Muslim crowd and the Chinese police. In which Chinese police officers wanted to enter the Naziying Mosque. The police had to return empty-handed after strong protests from the Chinese citizens. After this, the local people sat on a dharna outside the mosque itself. The roof of the minaret and dome were recently made in this mosque. The Chinese court has declared it illegal. Now the police has given a deadline to the protesters. The authorities have deployed thousands of policemen. Not only this, many people have been arrested from the Muslim-dominated Nagu city. The policemen want to demolish the 4 minarets at any cost. This mosque was built in the 13th century.

Significantly, the Greek province of China is the stronghold of Muslims, who are now on the target of the Chinese government. Chinese President Xi Jinping has instructed the Communist Party to Sinicize the country’s religious minorities. A Chinese citizen said that the policemen wanted to forcibly demolish the mosque and that is why the people here were stopping them. A mosque is like a home for a Muslim. If they try to break it, they will not let it happen. On the other hand, the Chinese government said that social management has been hindered by this incident.


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