Fumio Kishida
Fumio Kishida

China threatens regional peace and security: Taiwan

Amid a drawn-out sword-fight between the US and China over Taiwan, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Friday that China’s military exercises aimed at Taiwan are a “serious problem” that threatens regional peace and security. In fact, five ballistic missiles fired by China as an exercise fell in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Japan.

Kishida said after breakfast with US Congressional Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her congressional delegation that the missile launches needed to be “immediately stopped”. Significantly, China, which has claimed its claim on Taiwan, called Pelosi’s visit a provocation and on Thursday started military exercises, including missile firing, in six areas around Taiwan. He has threatened to take Taiwan by force if need be. Pelosi said in Taipei on Wednesday that America’s commitment to democracy, both on the self-governing island and anywhere in the world, was “unshakable”.

Japan’s Defense Minister Nubuo Kishi said five missiles hit Hateruma, located in the far south of Japan’s main island, on Thursday. He said that Japan has lodged a protest with China saying that the missiles threaten Japan’s national security and the lives of the Japanese people, which we strongly condemn. Japan’s Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said China’s actions were “severely affecting peace and stability in the region and the international community, and we call for an immediate halt to military exercises.” Hayashi is attending a regional meeting in Cambodia.

At breakfast on Friday, Pelosi and her congressional delegation discussed their shared security concerns regarding China, North Korea and Russia and expressed their commitment to working for peace and stability in Taiwan, Kishida said. Pelosi is also scheduled to hold talks with his Japanese counterpart, Lower House Speaker Hiroyuki Hosoda. Japan and its main ally the US have been pushing for new security and economic frameworks along with other democracies in the Indo-Pacific region and Europe to deal with China’s growing clout. PLC/GT


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