The US has disclosed that the US firm of China unearthed the Chinese espionage operation Operation Kukubi. It is a global cyber espionage campaign targeting manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia in the defence, energy, aerospace, biotech and pharma industries.

It is one of the largest IP piracy campaigns of its kind to come from China. Researchers at Siberia recently discovered an attack that was believed to be the work of Chinese APT solicitation. And sensitive data was not detected.

The team published two reports, one that examines the strategy and techniques of the overall campaign and another that provides a more detailed analysis of the malware and exploits used.

In 2021, the Cyberian Nocturnes Incident Response Team was engaged to investigate a number of intrusions targeting technology and manufacturing companies in North America, Europe and Asia. They found an elusive cyber espionage campaign going on since at least 2019.

After years of secretly conducting reconnaissance and identifying valuable data, it is estimated that the group managed to siphon out hundreds of gigabytes of information. PLC/GT


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