China has occupied our land, but PM denies it: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul gandhi
Rahul gandhi

Former Congress president leader Rahul Gandhi accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of bringing economic tsunami by demonetisation. Addressing a gathering in Nanded district on the 63rd day of ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, he said projects like the Tata-Airbus military aircraft project and the Vedanta-Foxconn semiconductor plant were snatched from Maharashtra and given to neighboring Gujarat in view of the elections.

Rahul Gandhi alleged, these projects will be given to two-three industrialists who are friends of the Prime Minister, and the wealth of the country is getting deposited in his hands. Ports, infrastructure, telecommunications, agriculture sectors have been given to these people. Referring to his meetings with locals during the day, Rahul said that a young boy told him about the lack of practical education in the country leading to no job opportunities, while a younger girl told him that her mother Father loves his brother more than him.

Gender discrimination is not good, and a country that does not respect women does not progress, he said. What the young boy understands, the top bureaucrats in the Ministry of Education do not understand. The Congress leader claimed, in Parliament, if you raise issues like China, demonetisation, then your mic goes off. Referring to the Agneepath scheme, Rahul Gandhi said that the youth of the country want to join the army to serve the country, but the Modi government has given them four years to serve the country.
The Congress leader said, China has occupied our land, but the Prime Minister denies it.

Then why are there talks between the two armies? Earlier in the afternoon, Gandhi, during his interaction with various delegations, alleged that demonetisation was not only a mistake but also part of the BJP’s strategy to keep power and money in the pockets of a few. PLC/GT


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