China has discovered a phosphate mineral on the moon, which will help it to cultivate

China is planning to cultivate on the moon. China has discovered a phosphate mineral on the moon, which will help it to cultivate. This mineral is phosphate which is found in the form of crystals on the moon. These elements are named as changesites. With this, China has become the third country after America and Russia to have discovered a new element on the moon.

Before China, America and Russia are the only two countries that have discovered a new mineral on the moon. According to a report, phosphate in the form of crystals has been found in the sample brought back from the moon in 2020. China’s Chang’e-5 probe returned to Earth with China’s first moon samples on December 17, 2020. According to the researchers, the columnar crystal phosphate mineral called Changesite-(Y), which was identified in rock and soil samples, was brought back from the lunar surface in 2020. According to the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology, one of the leading institutions of the National Nuclear Corp of China, the mineral was carefully separated by researchers from more than 140,000 small particles and then analyzed through a series of advanced mineralogy methods. was.

Changesite-(Y) belongs to the category of lunar merlite, a mineral found in lunar rocks and meteorites, and the sixth new mineral found by humans since the first samples were collected during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969 And exposure to phosphorus at high levels can be harmful to the human body. This is because excess phosphorus causes changes in the body that strip calcium from your bones, making them weak. On the Moon, however, this element will play a key role in helping space heroes cultivate the lunar surface. Although phosphate is known to thrive on the Moon, this is the first time humans have observed it in a pillar crystal.

Phosphate, also found on Earth, is a natural source of phosphorous, an element that provides plants with a quarter of all the nutrients they need for their growth and development. Phosphate, which is found on Earth, is essential for plant growth. It is an essential element for growth – but its properties in crystal form are yet to be identified. The new mineral has properties so it can be used on earth. PLC/GT



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