China clearly aims to intimidate Taiwan and curtail its independence

Following the recent visit of US Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, China has tightened military siege of its neighboring autonomous region. Through military exercises, he has tried to intimidate this island country. Tension continues between the two countries and the US regarding this.

Meanwhile, Kurt Campbell, Deputy Assistant to US President Joe Biden and Coordinator for Asia Pacific Affairs, has made a big deal. In fact, China considers Taiwan its autonomous region, but it does not accept its existence as an independent country. He assumes his dominion over her. In this connection, Campbell said in a conference call on Friday that China’s steps are basically against peace and stability.

China may intensify this step in the coming weeks. He will continue to act under pressure on Taiwan. This pressure will continue for the coming weeks and several months. Its purpose is clearly to intimidate Taiwan and curtail its independence. PLC/GT


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