Dragon’s spirits are high, in fact China has started preparing for pilot training for its fourth aircraft carrier.

America has come under stress due to this effort of China. Defense experts have claimed this by quoting new satellite images. Satellite images from last year showed China’s third and largest carrier Type 003, which may soon be tested. Although work on Type 004 has started, it is not yet clear. China claims to prepare its army for ‘war’. The Chinese Navy already includes two aircraft carriers with ski jumps.

According to reports, satellite images from March showed two FC-31 Girfalcon stealth fighters along with several J-15 carrier-based fighters at the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) airbase in Liaoning province. This was the first photo of these two planes. The fifth generation stealth aircraft, the FC-31, are smaller than the J-15.

China began manufacturing its largest carrier Type 003 in 2018. The picture of these fighter planes standing together is indicating that after the ‘Flying Shark’ fighter aircraft J-15 flying from China’s current carrier Liaoning and Shandong, the FC-31 may also become a shipwreck fighter. . Defense experts believe the joint presence of the FC-31 and J-15 at the base could be a sign that China is making operational preparations for a fourth aircraft carrier.

It is believed that China may test the Type 003 later this year. China aims to become the second largest modern navy in the world after the US by 2030 by building four aircraft carriers. Like the Liaoning and Shandong, the Type 003 aircraft carrier is also a conventional diesel-powered platform. While China’s fourth carrier is expected to be equipped with nuclear reactors. PLC&GT


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