Last week, a few children of Lucknow got a chance to express themselves through a film making workshop which gave them the opportunity to tell the world what they think as the youth of today.

The workshop was organized by UNICEF, Uttar Pradesh and The One Minutes Foundation, which partners with UNICEF to conduct such activities all over  the world. These workshops provide children a chance to develop their skills and offer them an opportunity to make their own one-minute video.

*VOICES OF CHILDREN – *The culmination of the five day workshopwill take
place on children’s day on November 14, 2011when the films of these young
adolescents will be screened at the LalBahadurShashtriGannaKisanSa

Auditorium, Lucknow.

The workshopwas attended by 14 girls from the Prerna School run by the
Study Hall Foundation. These young girls learnt how to develop their ideas,
create a drawing board, handle a camera, shoot on location and finally edit
their films.

During the five days the girls made 14 one minute videos based on the
different themes like dowry, eve teasing, evils of child marriage, gender
bias, discrimination, parental pressure etc.

Children have a right to express their opinions on the issues concerning
them. And, as adults it is our duty to fulfill their rights. They express
their opinion through films, speech, writings, drawings, and even gestures.
On November 14, we will listen to the “Voices of Children”, and celebrate
their thoughts.

“These workshopsthat we organize with The One Minute Foundation, create an
opportunity for young people’s voices to be heard. This is what we have
taught the 14 girls here in Lucknow who have learnt to give voice to their
thoughts,”said Karen Cirillo, Executive Producer Children’s Section, UNICEF
New York, who oversaw the workshop. She added, ‘They came up with their
ideas, made the drawing boards, went  on locations, directed  and shot the
whole movie by themselves, just as the children all over the world where
these workshops were held have done. We have conducted over 100 such
workshops in different parts of the world and twice in India. These films
when done are put out for everyone to see them on the UNICEF and the
YouTube websites, on TV programmes, in conferences and seminars around the
world and they are screened at UNICEF events that focus on the young
children and the issues concerning them in different parts of the world.”

Experts who conducted the workshop included Olivia Glebbeek and
ArnarAgeirson both from the One Minutes Foundations in Amsterdam. They
taught the girls how to create a movie complete with music and dialogues
and subtitles and present it in a one minute video.

“Uttar Pradesh has the largest population of children in the country. In
fact, the number of children here is more than the population of many
countries. So if change has to be brought about, we must begin from UP,”
said Atul Kumar, Communication Specialist, UNICEF, Uttar Pradesh, who was
inchagre of the workshop. He added, ‘The theme for this year’s workshop was
“All Children, All Rights”, which means that we must include all children
irrespective of their gender, caste, age, language, religion, etc and this
workshop is just the beginning of many such initiative to encourage child’s

Mr. Gulab Chand of All India Radio, Ms. SunitaAron of Hindustan Times, Mr.
ShashakShekharTripathi of DainikJagran and Ms. Adele Khudr, Chief of UNICEF
UP have kindly agreed to be the guests of honour.

Your presence will encourage the children.


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