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Though every right of a Child needs to be taken care of genuinely but it was essential to monitor child abuse and child trafficking under ‘Right to Protection’ and remedied on priority, said Chief Minister Shri Virbhadra Singh while presiding over the inaugural session of the one day workshop on “Child Rights and Child Protection” at Himachal Institute of Public Administration at Fair-lawns here today.

The workshop was organised by H.P. Commission for Protection of Child Rights in collaboration with National Commission for protection of Child Rights and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Himachal Pradesh.

He said that the HP Commission for protection of Child Rights was constituted on 27 April, 2013 for achieving the very purpose as guidelines were adopted in special session of United Nation Organisation (UNO) for protecting the rights of the children worldwide.

Shri Virbhadra Singh said that the State commission though in its infancy, carries the responsibilities to create greater public awareness on the rights of children and the role of the duty bearers in the society for implementation of all laws, policies, programmes and activities and functioning of institutional mechanism related to child abuse in the State. “The commission carries the responsibility of bringing to book those who were indulged in Child Abuse, wherever noticed, in the society,” he said.

He expressed hope  that  the commission would make earnest efforts for the protection of child rights besides ensuring them right to education, health and nutrition and examine all factors that inhibit the enjoyment of rights of children affected by natural disasters, domestic violence, maltreatment, torture, exploitation, pornography etc..

“I believe that the above all constitutional rights the children have ‘Right to Family’ too which is of paramount importance. The commission should look into the matters relating to children in need of special care and protection including those who were orphans and marginalised” he said.

We need an immediate response for restricting child abuse right from the schools and those cases too which remains behind the veils and go unattended. The children are the future of the society and needs to be taken care of at all cost, he added.

It is obligatory to provide free compulsory education and protect the rights of the Children and ensure their well-being, said the Chief Minister adding that children with disabilities were also entitled to the same rights to pursue free and compulsory elementary education. Besides, the teachers also need to carry out the responsibilities of ensuring the rights of the children at all levels.

He said that Bal Kalyan Samitis and other bodies working for protection of child rights were working in the direction for welfare of the Children in the State and taking precautionary measures. The commissions or bodies constituted for the protection of the child, whenever apprehends any risks or violation of the rights of the children who were vulnerable should make use of its powers to curb the atrocities, said the Chief Minister.

At present, there were 21 Children home in the State and the Government had constituted Juvenile Justice Boards for providing justice to the children.

Col. (Dr.) Dhani Ram Shandil, Social Justice and Empower Minister while speaking on the occasion said that Child Right was one of the most important issue and the need of the hour was  to rehabilitate the children who had lost their parents. He said that the Commission should focus on redressing the grievances of the Children and pay attention to their rights. He lauded the efforts of the Bal Kalyan Samitis working for the betterment of the children. He said that the State Government had constituted Child Welfare Committees and Justice Juvenile Courts to look into the well-being of the Children.

Earlier, Chairperson Himachal Pradesh Commission for protection of Child Right (HPCPCR), Ms. Shyama Dogra detailed about the activities of the Commission and about the protection rights of the children and their Right to Free and Compulsory Education.

Member Secretary HPCPCR Ms. Madhu Bala Sharma, also spoke on the occasion.

Member HPCPCR Ms. Kusum Verma welcomed the Chief Guest on the occasion.

Chairperson, HP State Women Commission Ms. Janeb Chandel, Chairperson HP Social Development Board Ms. Satya Parmar, General Secretary HP Bal Kalyan Samiti Ms. Raj Kumari Soni, State Election Commissioner Shri T.G.Negi,  Director HIPA Shri Priyatu Mandal, Special Secretary, Social Justice and Empowerment Shri MP Sood,  Members of HPCPCR and member of School Management Committees were also present on the occasion amongst others.


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